Bamboo Salt


What is bamboo salt?

A Korean Oriental doctor named Ilhun Kim(1909~1992, as shown below) is the man who discovered the process of bamboo salt. The exact method of bamboo salt production can be found in the book that he published entitled "The Universe and the Divine's Medicine." He spent most of his time discovering and acquiring enough knowledge on how to manufacture bamboo salt by using sea salt, bamboo, clay, and pine trees.

Making bamboo salt is a very time-consuming method that requires state of the art facility. Therefore, the process is extremely complicated.
First, we fill each bamboo trunks with sea salt and securely seal the open ends with clay. Afterwards, the trunks will be put inside the iron kiln because the procedure requires prolonged exposure to heat by burning pine trees. The burning process lasts for 8-15 hours until the salt pillar remains. These salt pillars will be grounded into powder. Then, the powdered salt will be place in bamboo trunks and have to pass through another burning method. This is done continuously (until 8th times) in order to achieve the standard concoction. During the 9th burning process, a much higher temperature (1,300 degrees Celsius) is needed until the salt inside melt like lava. Let the melted salt cool down into bowls until the concoction hardens like stone. This is how we create bamboo salt.

Repetitive procedure is typically a process to remove salt impurities and at the same time to maximize the extraction of good minerals from the bamboo, clay and pine tree wood. Il-hoon Kim discovered that bamboo salt gain higher medical effectiveness if it is exposed to heat for such a long period of time.

Oriental doctors have been using it to treat numerous type of diseases for such a long time, such as gum disease, bronchitis, gastritis, diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and other types of ailment.

Why we must use bamboo salt?

Salt is essential to the human body because it serves as a vehicle that allows nutrients that are carried through our cells. It is a vital element that is needed for the hydration of our body. When we sweat a lot or even suffer from diarrhea, salt serves as a crucial element that helps restore our electrolyte imbalance. In general, Our body will not function perfectly or eventually shut down if we remove salt in every food that we eat. Unlike other salt, Bamboo salt contains rich minerals such as K, P, Ca, Mg, Si, Fe, Cu, Ba, V, Mn, Zn, Ge, Mo, Se, Pt, S, Sr, B, Li.

The method of making bamboo salt enhance the synthesis of minerals and nutrients from bamboo and clay. The minerals in bamboo salt such as Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, help promote the excretion of exceed Sodium(Na) from our bodies thus, help regulate the fluid in our body.

Even though you eat bamboo salt three or four times more than common salt, you don't feel thirsty, because the harmful materials in salt were eliminated. Bamboo salt doesn't affect blood pressure becuse it doesn't cause one to retain water.

In general, bamboo salt is one of the most effective ways to prevent high blood pressure. Daily intake of bamboo salt helps lining of the blood vessel to regulate blood pressure.

What are the benefits of bamboo salt?

1Instead of using chemical toothpaste, consider using bamboo salt toothpaste as part of your daily hygiene. Bamboo salt toothpaste contains minerals which is proven to treat painful teeth sensitivity and gum diseases. You can also use bamboo salt as tooth paste. Put a little bamboo salt on your tooth brush when you brush your teeth. You can use this to softly massaging your gum as well. After three days, you will feel that your teeth sensitivity will be better.

2A pinch of Bamboo salt to help cure sore throat or even cough with phlegm.
Ingesting bamboo salt in your mouth helps secrete saliva.
By eating a small amount of bamboo salt as often as 20-50 times a day helps cure and relieve sore throat and cough problem.
Take a pinch of bamboo salt as often as 20 to 50 times a day. Aside from this, bamboo salt can also help in food digestion by mixing our saliva with bamboo salt. It can also help us acquire a healthier digestive track.

3Bamboo salt is known to be an effective way to treat gastritis and other stomach problems.
However, people who are suffering from the above mentioned illnesses may experience the side effect of bamboo salt such as nausea and fatigue.
This is due to the fact that healing crisis occurs which temporarily worsens the symptoms because the digestive track is going through the process of healing itself and eliminates toxins inside the stomach.
Feeling nauseous indicates that your stomach needs higher dosage of bamboo salt as part of the healing process. These healing-crisis only last for 2-3 days. The alkaline property which is present in bamboo salt helps soothe any stomach inflammation because the alkaline helps neutralize acidic fluid.

4Our body needs various minerals in order to survive. We can obtain these essential nutrients from the food that we eat every day.
Modern people are more prone to various disease due to mineral deficiency. Bamboo salt is an organic food supplement that is known to be rich with different minerals which are vital for our daily needs.
Also, bamboo salt is a powerful antioxidant that helps with cell renewal and at the same time, eliminates harmful materials that cause body to age fast.

5Bamboo salt has strong oxidation reduction potential (ORP).
Bamboo salt eliminates oxygen free radical that is known to be 90% related in modern diseases. There is no food on earth that has a stronger ORP than bamboo salt.

The oxidation-reduction experiment of bamboo salt, solar sea salt, and refined salt

Three samples were made by dissolving 20g bamboo salt, sea salt, and refined salt in 200ml of water with about a 10% concentration. A rusty nail was put in each sample and the results wrer examinined,

[FYI, other foods' ORP value]

Experiment about hypochlorite removal capacity of bamboo salt, solarsalt, and refined salt.

Summary of bamboo salt related these

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