History of Koreasalt Co.,Ltd.

1997.8. Establish Samjung Food Company.

2001. Start Bamboo Salt Production.

2005.5. Office Construct and Expansion.

2006. Supply to School Food Service.

2008. Enter to the Post Office Shopping Mall.

2011.9. Establish Koreasalt Co.,Ltd. Capital USD 450,000 and move all production line for bamboo salt to Koreasalt Co.,Ltd.

2012.2 Approved for New Manufacturing Plant.

2012.5. Issue Stocks USD 350,000, Total Capital USD 800,000.

2012.6. Brand Registration for 'Gam-Ro Bamboo Salt'.

2012.10. Joined with Outriger Corporation for Bamboo Salt Export.

2013. Export to the USA.

2013.2. Export to the Malaysia.

2013.4. 2013 Quality Award in Intrenational Food Fair.

2013.5. Issue Stocks USD 300,000, Total Capital USD 1,100,000.

2013.2. Participation in Seoul International Food Exhibition.

2013.7. Export to the Singapore.

2013.9. Participation in Seoul Salt Food Exhibition.

2013.9. Participation in Hong Kong International Food Fair.

2013.10. Participation in ANUGA GERMANY International Food Fair.

2013.11. Export to the Hong Kong.

2013.12. Gamro Bamboo Salt is approved by FDA food regulations.

2014.11. Participation in Food Week Exhibition in Chang-Won.

2014.2. Participation in Feel Gyeung-Nam Exhibition.

2014.2. Participation in Foodex Japan Internatronal Fair.

2014.2. Participation in Singapore Internatronal Food Fair.

2014.5. Participation in SIAL CHINA Internatronal Food Fair.

2014.5. Participation in Seoul International Food Exhibition.

2014.5. Designation in the quality recommendation of Gyueng-Nam.