Characteristics of bamboo salt

Bamboo Salt

Characteristics of bamboo salt

Characteristics of bamboo salt as a biological active substance:

First, harmful substances in the salt were removed

When bamboo, pine, and resin used in bamboo salt production are burned, high heat is generated. This high heat evaporates heavy metals, micro-plastics, or other harmful compounds contained in the salt, thus removing them.

Second, bamboo salt is an alkaline food

As you roast salt by following the method for making bamboo salt, it becomes strong in alkalinity. Modern people tend to consume too many acidic foods. When you are seasoning with bamboo salt while cooking, it can neutralize the acidity of the food. In particular, bamboo salt has alkali-forming minerals, so it plays a role in balancing acid and alkali efficiently.

Third, it generates a large number of active minerals and synthesizes pharmacological minerals

Bamboo salt synthesizes minerals, having various pharmacological characteristics contained in bamboo, clay, pine trees, and resin. Also, it activates the minerals in salt to help it to have reduction powers.

Fourth, the source of minerals

The human body cannot maintain life without the action of enzymes; minerals are actively involved in activating these enzymes. Bamboo salt not only has various minerals, but it also has a chemical composition which is very similar to that of our bodies.

Fifth, excellent antioxidant food

Due to environmental and food contamination, large amounts of harmful free radicals are being produced in the body. Bamboo salt plays a role in eliminating these free radicals by activating various antioxidant enzymes. Also, it has strong antioxidant actions thanks to its reduction powers.

Sixth, it has an excellent ability to control the concentration of electrolytes

When measuring the conductivity of salts, bamboo salt was found to have a lower conductivity than other salts, and in terms of size, it is about 1/10 the size of the salt lattice. Therefore, when bamboo salt is consumed, it is rapidly absorbed through cell membranes, and the electrolyte concentration in the human body is easily controlled. Also, bamboo salt doesn’t make you thirsty, even if you consume 2∼3 times more of it than common salts.

Seventh, bamboo salt maintains immune functions

If the body fluids of the human body were composed of freshwater, not brine, the human body would not be capable of coping with various viruses or external bacteria. Also, nutrients could not be accepted from the outside because there would be no difference in concentration between electrolytes in the freshwater. Besides, it would make neurotransmitter actions impossible, resulting in a complete loss of function as a living organism.
On the other hand, the sterilization and antiseptic properties of bamboo salt maintain the immune functions of the human body. Many papers have demonstrated that bamboo salt has a much better antibacterial quality than other salts.

Eighth, bamboo salt harmonizes with all foods

The National Cancer Institute in the United States announces anti-cancer foods every year, and garlic has been the number 1 anti-cancer food for many years. The help of bamboo salt is required to enhance the anti-cancer properties of garlic. When garlic and bamboo salt are consumed together, the nutrients in garlic can move into the cells more quickly thanks to the help of the bamboo salt.
So, the bamboo salt that moves into the cells does two things simultaneously within the cells. First, it activates the enzymes to release unnecessary foreign substances from the cells. Second, it supplies the minerals to enable the pharmacological properties of garlic to be well-activated within the cells. The interaction of minerals and garlic allows the cells to produce new nutrients and to exert stronger anti-cancer actions.
In other words, if you add bamboo salt to foods that have therapeutic or anti-cancer properties, the pharmacological effects become stronger.